Rêve is all about enjoyment, and the food we prepare for you is an important part of that. We selected top quality products for you. Where possible, we buy locally from the surrounding farms, we went into our herb garden or we went wild picking to surprise your taste buds.

A healthy and daily varying breakfast is waiting for you and is included when you stay in the lodges. Bread from the farm, fresh eggs, homemade jams, tea blends or pampering coffees. Oh, and wait, we are in the kitchen behind the stove preparing a fresh breakfast dish for you.

If you are staying at one of our 3 camper spots, you can choose to add breakfast to your reservation. You can book the breakfast menu at EUR 20 per person.

During the day you can order delicious snack dishes with regional products, and the bar is open for you non-stop.
You will be served where you wish.

In the evening we set the guest table. We choose the theme and where we eat that day. We promise you a variety of enchanting decors and surprises on your plate, here too we work as much as possible with what the terroir has to offer.
There is 1 gastronomic menu per evening with different courses, let the chefs surprise you. Do you suffer from allergens? No problem, we'll just take that into account. The rate to join the guest table is 40 EUR per person (excluding drinks).

A carefully composed drinks menu is available.

If you go on a trip, you can also use our picnic formulas.