Nice to meet you. We are Febe and Joeri. In wintertime we renovate this village with our own hands, but in summertime we change our outfits and become your hosts. Ready to make sure that you have the best vacation.

Joeri was once an insurance broker, Febe was a freelance consultant in HR and Finance. A few years ago, we completely changed course. Our paths crossed in 2014 and have since become entwined. We share our sense of adventure and a hands-on attitude. In 2017 we bought an abandoned hamlet in France to make our shared dream come true, in May of that year we moved. Together with our 2 chows, Odin and Odette. They now live like God in France, while we are working on our 'Rêve'. In 2019 we received guests for the first time. This year, in 2021, we are in our third season.

In 'Rêve' we try to put everything we appreciate when we are on vacation: The focus is on enjoyment, attention to beauty, surprising details, good food and a good glass of wine. "

For us, Rêve is a life's work. We restore the village with the two of us, with our own hands. Where possible, we work as much as possible with materials from the past, or upcycle finds from the village itself.

"The whole picture has to be right and breathe the atmosphere that we have in mind. And it does not stop with 'sustainable' renovation. Only local ingredients and regional products are used here. Even the toiletries you will find in your home are 100% ecological. But we don't consider ourselves treehugging hippies, what we are trying to show is that ecology and luxury indulgence can also go hand in hand. "

Febe can also tell you where she gets the ideas for the interior from, where you can spot the best flea markets and where you definitely want to go shopping (and of course also on which terrace you can relax afterwards). Joeri tells you about how he sometimes faces the most impossible tasks in the renovation, but also about the fascinating animal kingdom that you will find here.

We cook together. And when we take the day off, we are probably exploring a new walk in the beautiful region for you. Or we our camper van to travel ourselves, because we still like to do that. In addition to Rêve, we have also started the vitrAcier company here in France, an extension of our passion for renovation. We do not sit still, but the most fun for us are the evenings we spend with the guests. Via Rêve we got to know a lot of new incredible people and stories. We are also curious about yours! Hopefully you will soon be able to join our table. Lots of love, Joeri and Febe