In the heart of the - to many unknown - part of France called 'Aveyron', an idyllic river meanders, the Dourdou. Just before it flows into the Tarn, it takes a final turn. Just there Rêve is hidden. And this is where it starts, after crossing the more than 100 year old bridge. 

That bridge is your gateway to your unique holiday experience. Once you have crossed, you arrive in Rêve, a 16th-century hamlet with houses (and soon also rooms) that can be booked as a dream stay. We wait for you personally upon your arrival and ensure that the welcome aperitif is cold.

Take some time to discover your own home and the rest of the village. In the meantime we prepare the snacks. After all, you are free to use many other spaces and facilities in the village. You settle down on the large wooden outdoor terrace for a snack or a drink, play a game of petanque, cool off in one of the covered cellars or read your book in the communal library. You discover something new every day. In the evening the lights come on and Rêve is transformed into a fairytale village. If you want, you can join the table d’hôtes in the outdoor kitchen.

When it cools down, curl up in the wood-fired sauna or go star gazing from the hot tub. Attention: you run the risk that you will spend hours musing in the warm water, of course with a glass of wine in your hand. The 16ha domain is crossed by many hiking trails, wild nature and a river with a pleasant swimming temperature in summer. Rêve even has its own beach with a view of that phenomenal bridge.

Some guests do not cross the bridge until the next time they return home. That is possible, but it is actually a shame. There are many other beautiful things to discover in the area. You are in a region rich in attractions that are not yet over-exploited. It happens more than once that you are the only visitor and get all access. In the area you can walk extensively in nature or around castles, cycle or go boating on one of the rivers or lakes. Or venture out by car and explore the wine region of Gaillac, meander between the cliffs in the Gorges du Tarn or follow the old railway route through the Tarn valley. The region has so much to offer that we wrote a separate blog about it.