Celebrate Life

Reve introduces its premium packages

What an honor it is to be able to add that little bit morge to the milestones in the lives of our guests. Because Rêve is often chosen as a destination to celebrate life, we have developed our celebrate life arrangements. You celebrate, and Rêve provides that extra golden edge.

At Rêve you enjoy an unforgettable holiday by definition and we really go all the way for you. In these packages we even go the extra mile and you literally get the icing on the cake. Together with you, we work out the perfect getaway formula, tailored to your needs and your specific wishes.

Discover our 4 premium packages

Choose from three premium packages and a professional package, intended for those who want to organize a retreat and choose Rêve as the dream location for the participants.

Packages cannot be booked in July and August.

Slow down with just the 2 of you

A dream proposal, an engagement or honeymoon or a wedding anniversary. This formula is intended for couples who want to celebrate their love.

Rêve is happy to create the right atmosphere. Time for two, in a quiet and relaxing environment. While you only have eyes for each other, we make sure that you don't miss out on anything else.

Celebrate life!

Looking for a special place to celebrate that special event? Thinking of a special birthday, a friendship anniversary, a bachelorette weekend or are you looking for a special place to celebrate the end of a difficult period in your life?

Rêve can definitely be the place to spend an unforgettable time together.

Cocooning with three

Your first child is a wonderful event. Ideally you would like to cocoon for a while and enjoy this little miracle, but you can't do this at home.

As a brand new parent(s) you can simply cocoon at Rêve and enjoy this phase that will pass much too quickly anyway, but we also give you the moments that you enjoy so much as an adult. Good and healthy food, good company and all that while you can monitor your sleeping child with the baby monitor. You surrender to the day, and we take on all the other tasks.

Rêve als gedroomde locatie voor jouw retreat?

An enchanting setting for your retreat

As a professional you are looking for a location for your premium retreat?

Rêve offers the opportunity to stay in an enchanting setting in the middle of nature and forests, wellness facilities and a private beach. The domain is completely at the disposal of your retreat, without other guests, with catering adapted to your wishes and with all the practical facilities you can expect from a location.

Zin om zelf ook een retreat te organiseren op Rêve? Neem even contact met ons op via telefoon of mail en je ontvangt van ons een offerte op maat.