Go for healthy exercise from the front door of your lodge or camper spot. Rêve provides a number of energetic activities where you leave directly from the domain, without having to take your car first.

You can take a refreshing dip in the river on the domain. The water has a pleasant swimming temperature of around 25 degrees in the summer and is deep enough for swimming. Afterwards you can relax in a lovely lounger on the beach.

You can also leave on the same beach with a canoe for the descent of the Dourdou and the Tarn. A few hours of pure relaxation and tranquility on the water. On the way, you should definitely stop in Brousse-Le-Château, which has been labeled one of the most beautiful villages in France. You will be neatly returned to Rêve upon arrival.

We also have 2 electric bicycles that you can rent to explore the spacious surroundings while pedaling. We have mapped out some beautiful cycling routes for you.

Or challenge your travel group to a game of petanque. Or not, and keep chatting at the buvette.